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Hello, I've been looking for places to escape and talk to and get support and work through some issues. Little back story I have really bad anxiety. My neurologist actually thinks I have PTSD with anxiety and depression issues. I'm getting medical help with some twitches that happen as a coping mechanism for stress. This has been happening for 7 years or so when my best friend since birth was killed. I've had at least 2 traumatic events happens to me every ear of my life since I was 2. I'm 23.

Present day me. I'm in a relationship have been for a year and I have terrible paranoia problems serious worries about everything and I get angry and take it out on him and everyone. I get so stressed I just freak out and go crazy.

I am working on becoming a happier person and trying not to be so unhappy I don't want to be out of bed. I'm hoping this will help being able to talk and vent feelings and worries.

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Hi and welcome Sleann85,

This is definitely the place for you. It is a safe place to talk about your issues and receive tips for coping with a myriad of problems from other people with lived experiences of mental health diagnosis.

We cannot replace the advice you receive from healthcare professionals but may offer starting points for your conversations with them.


I definitely can relate I feel like I am about to loose my mind at times and I feel so bad for my boyfriend it makes me feel like I don't deserve him and I get paranoid even though he has made me feel beyond secure in our relationship.

I just don't get why I freak out 😩

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It's a struggle being paranoid with worry. I'll freak out to the point I have made up a complete over reaction to something simple and seem like a crazy loon. I do feel bad for my boyfriend all the time


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