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Face numbness due to anxiety??

I'm a single mom to a special needs child and suffering from depression and anxiety. Everyday it's a new symptom. Constant chest pain, headaches, weird head sensations, panic attacks and now facial numbness. Mostly on the left side of my face and my ear, sometimes both sides. Can this be anxiety related?? I've convinced myself it's a tumor or something serious and the more I think about it the worse it feels.

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Yes I get these exact symptoms I think the facial numbness is due to the neck muscle becoming so tight that it restricts blood flow or presses on nerves

Same with the headaches it's just a combination of stress and muscle tension

Don't hold me to it but that's my theory I get these sensations nearly everyday and they get significantly worse under stress

Reducing neck tension and stress would be a good start

I take my hat off to you for being a mother of a special needs child im sure that must be stressful at the best of times

Best wishes



Hi, my wife and I had a child later in life and I was laid off from my job. I became a stay at home dad and took care of my daughter since she was an infant. She was sick often with respiratory viruses and we had frequent trips to the emergency room. My dad became ill and I took care of him as well. During this time, I felt no symptoms, but after things settled down, I started to have numbness on my face, extreme neck tension all the way up to my ear, random tingles and thought I had a serious illness. I tried taking Prozac which only made things worse. I had numerous tests, but nothing came up. Some days my neck is so stiff, it's hard to safely drive my car. I think stress from caregiving made my nervous system hypersensitive and that may be what is affecting you. Hang in there and I hope you feel better.


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