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Need help!! Reoccurring shooting pains in head for nearly a year

I don't know if anyone can help but I'm at a loss. Since November 2016 I have been suffering with intense shooting pains and pressure in the left side of my head , face and neck, they make me feel dizzy and sick and sometimes I feel like I have weird tingles all over my body. It's making me loose sleep, the doctor has said it's just anxiety however will not give me a scan!! I suffer with anxiety anyway and I am so scared it's a brain tumour! I just want to know if it really is anxiety or if it is something serious ???

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Of course worries abouy brain tumours is one of the commonest posts on here every day, but I've yet to see anyone who actually has one report here.

The fact that this has been going on for 9 months and has not progressed into anything which has any signs - focal weakness, incoordination, vision loss etc, is very reassuring and if you know you are anxious, then this is clearly the diagnosis.

Feeding your anxiety with investiagtions and referrals is likely to reinforce your anxiety each time you get new symptoms.


Hi Kirstie, yes Goldie is right. I once had all the symptoms of a stroke but it was caused by anxiety.

I know it's hard but try not to worry when you get these symptoms as the brain is a very complex organ and disguises itself in many forms.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


Ive been worrying about a brain tumor for the past 7mons. Among other things, but that's the one fear that seems to stick. I've been to the doctors and none of them think I need a scan. It comes and goes. It hit me again and I've been dealing with it for the past week now. I get pressure in my forehead and feel so strange sometimes. I try to remind myself it's anxiety, so I k ow how hard that is to do first hand. You can PM me anytime and we can talk. The first comment is right though, dealing with it for this long..we'd definitely be having other things going wrong. I'll keep you in my prayers ;)


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