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Muscle tremors and ptsd

Hi all,

I found this site while searching about having a massage and having tremors. It's never happened before, I wasn't scared because I read awhile back that ppl who have ptsd has memories Locked inside of muscles because muscles can hold our memories for us. Anyone experience something like this? I'm wondering if it's possible or if it's something I need to keep searching out.

On another note, I was diagnosed last fall with chronic ptsd from trauma in childhood. It so happened I also saw my naturopath for a yearly checkup and mentioned my diagnosis. She recommended phosphadal serene as it would block some of the excess cortisol screaming around my body and slow it down. Turns out it worked like a miracle drug. I could get so sleep better, my muscles didn't ache like they almost always are in great pain and no tightness, my thoughts were clearer, my heart stopped racing and I could pay attention to what was going on around me, usually my mind is not where my body is. Anyway it's been a life saver for those I've mentioned it to. I don't take it anymore and haven't for months now but every now and then when I'm feeling anxious (I can tell the difference, before I was so anxious I didn't know as I've lived that way all m life) I can do breathing to slow the adrenals and feel like I'm in control of my person.

Thanks for giving a read.

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Hi BrendaPete, Well that was an inspiring post. Thank you. I have not heard of phosphadal serene but will look into it. Whatever works! I'm glad you found relief. My best x


I would really love to hear how it works for you.

I'm 54 and a friends grandsons are now living with them because of abandonment and abuse, the kids are in bad shape, 9 and 11. I was with her and we found some phosphadal serene for kids, turns out it's used a lot in the naturo world in place of Riddlen. It has been amazing for them too, less fighting (some is from poor life skills), they can play and entertain themselves better etc.

I have 9 other ppl who have usd it. (I got the NOW brand and took 1 then 2 then 3 for a few months). I only take it occasionally now but it helped me sleep and boy what a differ nice sleep makes.

I stilll have issues to deal with but, I feel like because my adrenals are not blowing up on me, I have control to work things out. For awhile I felt perfectly happy to be chill and with less pain.

You could look up "effects of chronic excess cortisol" you may be surprised.

I also had racing heart symptoms and fear because if it for 30 years. Same naturo r commended magnesium and it did the trick for a few years. Symptoms returned, though milder, and now I see it's connected to cortisol. Nowadays it's mor because my electrolytes are off and I need potassium.

Best wishes for a prosperous journey.

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