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I need help but I don't know what to turn to

As a lad me and my friends sense of humour is offensive to each other but at random points I feel myself getting angry and I start thinking about fighting them or snapping at them I really don't know what to do or who to turn to I think I just need someone to talk to to take it off my chest but I'm sorta afraid tell someone my problem I just want help to be a normal person!!

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You don't say how old you are. If you are at college why not see if there is student support that you could talk to. You can also speak to your GP about it and get there advise as well. Also is there not someone if your family or friends that you feel comfortable enough to talk to about this?

You could also check out what groups are in your local area as they might be able to help out with giving you some advise.

Take care.


It's great that you have realized your buttons are being pushed. Online help is available to get a conversation started about what bothers you. Using Dr Google, type in "how to have a conversation about xyz"


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