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Looking for some motivational help!

Hey guys, so it's pretty much stereotypical but you know you get out of the groove of being on an athletic team and constantly working out 3 years later I'm a junior in college and I look in the mirror and am disgusted at how I've let myself go. Besides the lack of motivation I've had since not having to go to mandatory workouts for sports and what not, I've been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) making it harder for me to lose weight. I've been taking Metformin (a diabetic drug that also works for PCOS, also I'm not diabetic) that is supposed to help but I think the mere fact that I know it will be harder for me than the average person to lose weight is keeping me from really giving it my all. I'm probably 50lbs over weight, but the number isn't as important to me as is the way I look and the way I feel about myself and my confidence level. I've tried meal prep and that military diet but really I've learned it's about what you eat and just being mindful of that. I used to be so so soooo addicted to working out and being fit and then lost sight of it. Depression hit me and along with that I was diagnosed with anxiety, both of which are being managed! Anyway, today my roommate asked me to go to the gym with her tonight and I found myself already thinking of a reason not to.. so finally I said yes of course I will because I need this and I have to start somewhere. I just wish it was easier to get back into the swing of things on that regular routine I used to be on. You guys have been great with your wisdom and support to me as I am still somewhat new to the site!Just looking for some words of encouragement, stories of success or someone else also needing that push, and any other positive comments!

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Xoxochellebell, this is your opportunity this evening. It just takes "dipping your toe in the water again" and you will be hooked to that great feeling that working out can give you. It's a confidence builder as well as brings up your Endorphin levels. Don't over do the first time back but enjoy it. x


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