Lexapro and pregnancy?

My fiance and I are discussing adding to our family. We're financially stable and in a wonderful place in our relationship. My one worry is with my medication for anxiety. With our first child, my OB changed my antidepressant from Zoloft to Celexa and I did wonderfully. No anxiety at all. I take Lexapro now with Xanax to fall back on if I have breakthrough anxiety. Has anyone taken Lexapro through pregnancy? Were there any issues? I just don't want to have to change meds yet again.


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  • I'm a man and I would not recommend being on a ssri during your pregnancy. You being pregnant will occupy your mind. CBT for a year then after birth back to Meds. Best of luck

  • My angel, please do not be on any antidepressant while you are pregnant. I HAVE to be on one for a chemical balance but when I fell pregnant I weaned off mine and as the person said above, was so preoccupied with being pregnant that I did not have any anxiety at all, infact it was the best time of my life been off all meds. Your baby could be born addicted to the antidepressant. Its up to you of course, just amazed a doctor would let you be on one during pregnancy.

  • My psychiatrist told me that lexapro would not harm the baby. When I got pregnant last year, I stopped taking it my first trimester but continued it throughout. But Xanax is not good for the baby at any time. They can become dependent on it

  • Yes, I definitely know the Xanax isn't to be taken during. Being off of the Lexapro isn't really an option for me as without it my depression gets to be too all consuming. I tried to go with during my first pregnancy when I was changed to Celexa, but I became so stressed and anxious, my obstetrician thought the benefits outweighed the risks. My son is almost 9 and had no issues, very, very healthy. I just wanted to hear from other women with experience taking it during pregnancy. Thanks so much.

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