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Heart fears


I feel sometimes like my heart is going to stop out of the blue just the feeling alone in my chest sometimes feels like this but I'm always anxious , so that's probably why but I just wanna feel normal again! I have two children and I can't even enjoy them or myself hardly because I'm always worrying about my health, and I get heart palps which scare me too, worry is to much worry

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I get that same feeling too. My mind will consume itself in anxiety, that it sucks the enjoyment out of life. I'm glad I can relate to someone who knows what it's like to fear over our hearts stopping. But unless you have a major heart condition, the heart itself will continue to pump automatically, its out of our control. So there's no point in worrying, even though it's hard.

Right I hate it so badly, hard to quit thinking about it because its always there from the time I wake up til the time I go to bed but the hospital told me my hearted sounds fine, didn't give me an ekg but I'm sure just by hearing it they know what they are talking about I just get so annoyed about thanks for replying at least I'm not alone with this symptom

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