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Cipralex withdrawals.. any success stories?

Hi All. I have been on 15mgs of cipralex for over 14 years and they stopped working for me, infact, they started to make things worse for me. My doctor is weaning me off them but slowly. However, I am still having withdrawal symptoms.. and feel like giving up and just going back on them fully but I also have this urge to stick it out and get off them and go onto a new antidepressant that will work.

I am now taking 10mgs one night and 5mgs the next night and then 10 again and 5 again.. doing that for a month. Then will go down to 5mgs.

I have tingles in my lips and mouth, dizzy, off balance.. feel like I am floating when I lay down..

Does it get better, any success stories and how long did your withdrawals last if you had any.


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Oh yes and terrible headaches!


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