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Study anxiety like your about to take an exam, search out facts and information, write about it, read about it, learn about it, this is an amazing way to overcome it, doctors, medication, therapy, counselling etc, these are only tools to aid recovery, you are the captain of your own ship, ultimately recovery has to come from yourself, we spend hours searching for answers, searching symptoms, searching for possible undetected illnesses, searching for the best pills n potions that might cure, when really this time and effort could be put into searching facts about anxiety, how it manifests, how it works, the body's response system etc, this is where the real cure is, understanding helps remove the fear, it helps you understand whats happening, it helps you accept your body's responses, it helps prepare you for unexpected symptoms, so study, study, study, and accept that everything else is just another tool to ease things while your studying for your recovery, it comes from ourselves, you can do it xxxxxx


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  • Great advice the more I learn and accept the more I progress. It's easy to try and block your feelings and be in denial but acceptance is key xx

  • I really appreciate this post. Definitely going to take your advice 💜

  • Excellent advice and brilliantly put - all those who believe thwt simply by listing their symptoms in postings and expect them to go away should read and reread this and take every word to heart.

  • This is amazing advice and very true as well. With every bout of anxiety and panic attack I've had, I've learned more from it. It's almost like being under siege in my own head- every time I go into battle against my anxiety and survive, I come away with more and more knowledge of how to fare better the next time it happens. It's a common case of being able to defeat your enemy if you take steps to get to know it-- if you keep dismissing it as a frightening unknown you'll never find a way to beat it back for good.

  • Spot on lady_peaseblossom :-) xxx

  • I just read suzie482's posting a second time (after reading it first yesterday) because it is such wise advice, it says everything about recovery.

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