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Don't know myself

I don't want to say my name but I am a 19 year old male.

Basically, I have been having this great issue in my life for past year where I haven't been happy with my life at all. Sure there are some good things that come out of it but I am really lost and don't really know who I am anymore. It's fighting because being at this stage has made me go on to making very poor decisions that can really have a bad affect. Some days I really think what is the point in my life and being at such a young age I'm really starting to find it hard to cope and need advice. Cheers

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I'm going through the same thing. Thinking about life. Like what am I going to do for my self or where am i going to be a few years from now. I'm slowly doing something about it now and trust me it feels great I'm not just sitting around not doing anything about it.. but yea Make Some changes in your life. It's your life do what is best for yourself

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Cheers mate. Thing is, I don't know myself to be honest. One minute I have one personality and the next I have a complete different one. I honestly don't know what I can change or how I'm going to do it. Im sure with enough patience i can sort it out. Hope everything is ok with you


It takes time brother, with enough patience you'll definitely get stuff done to be where you want to be in life. I'm doing ok thank you. Not exactly where I want to be in life but I'm doing something about it's all that matters. Think positive, think of the things that make you happy and let it take control of you. You're too young to be feeling negative about yourself


Think positively; your life will get better! you're a young man with a terrific future! Hang in there and have hope.


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