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my life with severe anxiety

I've been diagnosed with bi polar and severe aniexty 12yrs ago so ive been taking ativan for 10yrs now.it seem it wasn't working anymore so my doctor put me 30mg propranolo and even don't work on my bad day my question is should I try a higher dosage.of propranolol like 100mgs I'm so in need of info and help this last year my as been crazy sick anixety please help.and ingo

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Hi LOCO5150, Welcome to the anxiety forum...Your doctor is the only one who can control the dose of your medications. I can understand after 10 years that the Ativan was no longer working. That happened to me as well. As for now being on Propranolol that helps with anxiety but because it is a blood pressure pill it can reduce you pressure significantly if the dose is too high.

Do not bump it up to 100mgs, please contact your doctor and let him decide if he might need to up in some or introduce another med with it.

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I agree with Agora1, you shouldn't adjust your medication yourself. I am a bit curious why you are on propranolol as it is a beta blocker. I was on it for a while because I was regularly having irregular heart beats. Are you on any other Meds for your birthday polar and anxiety?

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