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Sertraline finally lifting the fog

After two really bad weeks with side effects on sertraline, I can finally say things are settling which is great and my panick attacks are not as bad and I can breathe through them with ease. Got a call from doctors secretary on Friday to say I have to go back and have my thyroid checked again in 2 weeks and 4 weeks after that. So hopefully they are on to something as I haven't been right in myself for the last year. Depression I could always deal with but this new severe anxiety is all strange to me. I get my vitamin and mineral results etc later today.

Anyone else the same?

X Suzie

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I was in the same position as you. When I started sertraline the first two weeks were a nightmare-- I kept feeling panicky and I couldn't stop crying, dreading the next anxiety attack and wondering if this was just how my life was going to be now. After the third week when the meds finally started to kick in for real, I had my first week of no anxiety for the first time in months and I've never gone back. I feel like a whole new person!

Here's hoping you have the same success that I did. Stay strong!


I'm definitely sticking with it, got nothing to lose. Anything to get rid of this anxiety. I'm starting CBT soon too so fingers crossed. I'm so glad the sertraline worked for you, it gives me great hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. X Suzie


I have to say out of the few I've tried sertraline was a life saver for me . I had my first real bout of very bad anxiety a year ago , the worst panic attacks I've ever had , thought it would never end , but sertraline stopped the "rushedness" if that can be a word ! It stopped the anxiety in the mornings and the constant thinking . I'd highly recommend it to anyone who feels they are kinda out of control and can't get a grip on themselves to even function . I have come off it and switched to another only because of the weight loss , I had no appetite, I'm a skinny person normally so it didn't suit ! But am now thinking of going back on it !

Best of luck

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I'm the same I lost a stone and a bit before I started the sertraline and now I have lost a total of two stone since starting it but I am starting to get my appetite back but have no craving for fatty stuff which is a plus 😎 I'm a bit of a chunky chick anyway so I can't complain 😂

The tablets are definitely helping so that's a plus. Now the side effects are starting to go my old self is starting to come back.

Im so glad it worked for you. Gives me great hope.

X suzie

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