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can anti depression pills make slower hear rate ?

I had always my resting heart rate about 68 - 72 per minute... now just noticed i am on only 59.. well, i was resting just watching movie... but never before went so low with my heart rate. I started with selarine week ago.

Before made me scared that i had sometime fast hear beart, usually from the anxiety, but now makes me scared this low rate. When i start to move the heart rate increase on 70.. Can it be bradycardia ? I noticed it just for first time.. or is it normal that after longer rest the heart can beat more slowly ?

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I guess if they are working in terms of your anxiety they can because you are not as anxious your heart rate is back to normal?? You probably always had a healthy lower rate but never paid attention to it until you had anxiety. 59 is ok for a texting heart rate I wouldn't worry :)

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than you very much for your answer..you are true before i started to have panic attacks i never checked my heart rate.. . i still must say that i am overweight.. and i read that overweight people should have higher heart rate..


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