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i suffer health anxiety..i really fear of getting ill and dying:-( i have got this head ache on one side at the back of my skull for over 3 weeks now..i feel nauses and sick with worry about it..gp said its neck and stress related..i am trying to relax about it and stop worrying that i have a brain tumor but when the headache starts every time upon wakening its just very hard..and the nausea on and off is awful..i have to function for my 2 kids..partner is working away in the week, no family around so on my own. Have been through a very bad birth (almost died twice in space of two weeks) had an awful silent misscarriage 2 years before...and had to cope relatively on my own..I just want to feel normal again😢😢 i dont want to fear the worse all the time😢😢

I had Cbt after the birth and also aftet the misscarriage..it helped me a bit..mayby i need help again

thank you for reading

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I'm having this pain right now Im having a headache on my right side n the back of my head but it not severe to where I have to go to the ER....it goes away if I don't notice it but when I do I complain all day so what I do is drank alot of water,no pop but I still drink juice every now n then but I told my doc about my headaches n he just told to take some pain meds n lye down. So I ask him if he could do a cat scan or MRI he told me no because he know the signs of brain tumor n yes he done the brain tumor test that I hopes that works so I'm counting on him in trusting him that he knows what he talking about so I try not to stress so much on it I think positive n hope n pray to God I go back to normal

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I hope too but mine is just weird, never had headache there before.i can sort of feel my neck and shoulder aching now too..i am hoping is just tense muscles or something as i was pretty stressed for a while...gp never done any tests really:-( but said to come back after holiday if not better..which is in a month time..seing osteopath tomorrow..hope you coping today..its soooo hard to relax about it:-(


It will get better but we got to beat it n try not to let our mind control us

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