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Strange feeling

Does anyone ever lay down and try to go to sleep and they are halfway asleep & they suddenly wake up feeling scarred sort of a tense feeling in the chest & I mean the littlest noise can scare me. Also I feel like I'm being suffocated just laying here but my breathing is off & all I want to do is go to sleep but I can't. You sort of feel if you go to sleep it might be your last breath?

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Yes I have these feelings as well, its tough for me to go to sleep sometimes. I also get Hypnic Jerks, were you fall asleep fast and then suddenly wake up from a deep sleep. Then sometimes I can't fall back asleep because it feels like you're falling. I like to listen to soothing music before I go to bed. Marconi Union - Weightless helps me fall asleep and reduce my anxiety. However doesn't work for everyone since every mind is different. Hope this helps.

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The thing that sucks is I'm in my own bed laying down feel pretty content & still have this horrible anxiety. It's like a button was turned on & have no clue on how to shut it off! It's a horrible life to live 😞


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