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Any similar experiences? Please help

Anybody ever get muscle tremors ( fasiculations, not spasms or jerks) with muscle contractions? For example my thumb shakes when I hold my wrist back and my whole lower leg shakes when I point my toes. Sometimes my whole body shakes when I am doing activities but that might be anxiety related. I don't know if this could be a drug side effect ( I am stopping cholesterol meds and amytryptiline( only taken it twice). today but I am still on celexa, Busphar and Ativan) or could it be from being totally deconditioned? I think my psychiatrist is trying to get rid of me, not answering phone calls or e-mails so I might have to get another one which right now is adding to my anxiety,

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Yes I know exactly what you are talking about, I get trembling just like that when I hold my limbs against gravity. I have been told it's my anxiety but it's very disconcerting.


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