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Anxiety, New Symptoms

Hi, I have suffered from anxiety for the last 10 years. My symptoms have always been the same, racing mind and insomnia, can't keep still etc. I have always taken sleeping tablets to get me through the worst of the bad periods, as I find a lack of sleep makes everything twice as bad. Over the last few days though I feel very odd. I have slept well, which is unusual, but I feel incredibly spaced out, almost drunk. I am frightened of this, although I do recognise that it is probably anxiety driven. I can't concentrate on anything, keep flitting from one thing to another, and feel like I am in a bubble. I don't take anti depressants as they don't agree with me. I did take a beta blocker the other day, I'm wondering is this is connected? Can someone reassure me that this is just anxiety, I think the fear of this is what is making me worse as it is not something I have experienced before. Should I see a doctor about my change in symptoms?

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You should deffinetly call the doctor and tell them. I get all the symptoms you just said and more and I'm suffering from Dp/dr.... that's is apparently a phenomenal from anxiety.


Thanks for your answer. Can I ask what Dp/dr is?




You need to go see your psychiatrist for the best response to your question there.

In fact, your doctor should be the first to know of any changes you experience and if possible that same day. If you have your doctor's email, send an email immediately. If not, call in the next day to update the doctor of it.


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