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Anyone else's blood pressure randomly spike at night it's spiked at the same time every time for the past 4 days but goes down some within 30 minutes to a hours.. now I do have severe health anxiety and have for awhile now my normal blood pressure is about 118/78 or 82 and the past feed nights around 11 it's went up to 150/106 for about 10 15 minutes then down too 130/90 is this stress and anxiety causing theses random spikes and I'm the past 4-5 years I've had multiple normal ekgs blood test chest X-rays and my primary doc had listened to my heart and said that is sounds beautiful but he ran an stress test on me just to be sure and also sent me for an echo and 30 day event monitor which all came back great!


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  • Hi Kingchris, seeing that you have aced all your cardiac tests, it may be likely that something may have provoked the first spike 4 days ago. Whether it was a fluke because of a thought, something you were watching on tv or reading or even too much caffeine. The thing with anxiety is once we experience an incident, our minds tend to automatically relive that at the same time developing a pattern. Hope this helps some in understanding how our minds can affect our bodies.

  • Yes it is so so hard it always something different every time!

  • BP can fluctuate throughout certain times during the day, why are you checking it so often?, try focusing your attention on other things that can help you overcome the anxiety trap, please don't think I'm being harsh in my reply, it's just that checking your symptoms and BP etc just fuels your anxiety and keeps anxiety in your life, put away the BP machine....:-) big hugs xxx

  • You are so right it was high that one night and now every time around that time I check it it is high and it does cause more and more anxiety

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