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Anxiety taking over lately

I am new on here. I have GAD and health anxiety and have had it for about 7 years. I used to be on medication but about 3 years ago I came off of everything due to being on such strong meds that they were making me a zombie and I couldn't be a good parent or wife like that. I have done pretty well without meds but I still have my rough patches. I believe I have a sinus infection right now and it's causing alot of face and head pressure which causes dizziness and has really put me in a rough anxiety patch. Sometimes when I have a few drinks after work that helps but I know I can't self medicate with drinks and I'm hoping I get put of this rough patch soon. Does anyone else get really bad anxiety when their sinuses act up and cause dizziness?

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Hi itsgoodtoberandi92, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. I think among all the symptoms that anxiety can bring, dizziness scares me the most. I don't like the "out of control" feeling it gives me. My dizziness can come from my neck disc problem, dehydration or too much salt. So I do understand when you have sinus problems that your anxiety is on the rise. I use meditation and deep breathing to bring down the anxiety level. It works. Feel better soon. x

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No, I think I'd just get a bit pissed...had surgery to correct the reasons I was getting major sinus infections and if that's not working, I want a refund from the ENT.

Have plenty of other things to cause anxiety, though, :)


It's so funny to hear someone else think here's a connection with sinus issues and anxiety. I've said it for years that believe there's a connection based on my own experiences. I've been getting anxiety more lately because of allergy season. I currently use a very low dose of meds when I can't get a grip. But sometimes I think the long bouts of GAD are just as brutal, which I tend to have more. I'm still looking for answers like you. One day breathing helps. One day exercise works. One day grabbing a friend and having a conversation about something other than anxiety helps. Some days nothing works or it doesn't work twice in a row. It's incredibly frustrating. I get it. Lately I've been going through the things that have worked at some point, like a list, and seeing if something works "this time." I don't usually get through the whole list before things start balancing out again. I think for me, knowing there's something else I can try vs feeling like I've tried everything gives me a sense of comfort. But that's just me. Hope you are able to at least feel like you're not alone here. Take care and feel better😊


thank you all. I went to the doctor and I have bronchitis. they gave me a Zpak. I hate taking meds but it seems this time I really have no other options. Just hoping the side effects are minimal to none.


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