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Seeing the doctor

Hello, my name is harv and I have depression and anxiety, I have been suffering with this since childhood and been seeing my doctor on and off for years. I last saw my doctor in January and just felt as though she didn't understand. I haven't been to see her since and now I'm terrified to go and see her, I'm scared she'll think I'm lazy and not as ill as I say I am, but every time I try to leave the house I get extremely panicky and the voices get very loud and I always end up not going out. I know should see her and get help but it's so hard fighting these thoughts and feelings. I really need some advice. Thank you

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Hi Harv

Firstly you have come to the right place for some kind of help, we all know your pain and sympathize 100%. Although the going out feeling is so overwhelming, remember why you are going, you need help and support so maybe start by sitting near the door and saying to yourself, nothing is going to hurt me. This will only escalate and will keep you at home. Dont let this defeat you. As for the GP not understanding, dont take it personal, I have been there but it is hard to get the same GP being over stretched, dont feel disheartened, when you do see your own GP then you can explain your feelings. The voices are your mind telling you what happened before will happen again and will zap your confidence, prove them wrong xx

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Hi Harv,

Right now you probably need reassurance about what is happening and some hope.

A good place to start I think is a book called "Self help for your nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes. It is old but this woman seemed to have exceptional knowledge on panic/anxiety disorders.

A lot of the language is dated but she explains that you are basically suffering from tired nerves, and all that goes with it is the body's exaggerated response to it.

Know you are not being lazy it is a recognised condition and if the particular Dr makes you uncomfortable, could you see another?

Best wishes,



Thank you all so much for your replies, it really means a lot to me.

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How are you getting on Harv?


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