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Freaking out!

I'm on holdiay in thailand. It's my 3rd time here but unlike anyother time I've been, I'm here with my girlfriend.

The other times ive came here, I didn't have anxiety or OCD and now I'm here I keep worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong. I keep worrying about if something was to happen tome my gf would be all alone.

Yesterday i had been drinking most of the day and then we went to the out at night and a had a couple of margaritas from a beach bar. We got home and started watching a movie, i started to fall asleep but then i started feeling really hungover. I didnt3even know you could get hungover before you slept. I started panicking and researching what could be wrong with me. Found out people sometimes get sold cheap alcohol with methanol in it which is poisonous and you cam die from. I keeep obsessing over the fact I'm goimg to die from this poisoning even though I don't have any symptoms!

I really wish this would stop!

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Hey friend Im sorry you're not enjoying your trip and i know im gonna sound like an a-hole for saying this but you have to relax. You're in a beatiful country with you're beatiful girlfriend stop fighting yourself and accept what you're feeling if you feel calm accept that if you're feeling panic accept that too you're a champ and you've survived 100% of you're worst days i hope you can enjoy the rest of you're vacation stay strong.


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