Heart Pain

I am 21 years of age living in New Delhi, India. Work at a call center. For about a month now Ive been feeling some sort of a pain in my chest/ heart which leads to me thinking that I am going to die of a heart attack. I feel suffocated. I now fear death of me and my loved ones which wasn't the case 2 months back. I have no idea who who i should go to. I need help.


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  • A dr would be able to tell you,

    It sounds like anxiety/panics..

    A trip to your dr would reassure you

    Best wishes

  • Thanks a lot for your advise. I really appreciate it

  • No problem, quite often when we are worried it makes symptoms worse..a visit to doc would certainly reassure you and if it's anxiety then he or she can advise on that.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Hello. Working at a call center can be very stressful. I do not know how long you have been working there or if you have access to a cardiologist or even a family (general) practitioner. If you are able to see a doctor to first rule out an actual heart or angina problem, then maybe anxiety can be causing the pain.

    Let us know what happens and if you can see a physical doctor first to determine if you have a heart issue.

    Then keep writing if you want and maybe we can help you look at other reasons why you are feeling this pain.

    (When I write "we", I am talking about every person in this venue.....there always seems to be members reading and answering posts on this venue at all hours, no matter what the time is throughout the world.)

    It's about 8 p.m. where I live and I know its late night where you are. :) Surprised you are not working at the call center at the moment.

  • I've been working for over 3 years now. I am going to see a doctor and will keep you guys updated... Thank you all for the love and support... Ps I was at work when i wrote the post

  • Ahhhh, you were at work when you wrote had having pain....bet the pain is not as bad when you are away for a day or two.

  • Go to a hospital

  • I will... Thanks for your concern

  • It does sound a lot like anxiety/panic attack. It can come out of nowhere and leave you fearing for your life, and can cause unnecessary worrying because it leaves you on edge. Being scared of it can cause you to think more about it, and then that in itself can cause it to happen again. I would go see a doctor if it doesn't get better, of if you actually have a pre existing medical condition that could be causing this. Also, if you google "breathing techniques for anxiety" it will really help when/if it happens again. Just remember that you will be okay, and that you're not alone.

  • When i have people around me + pain, i just have pain. But when i am alone and my chest/heart hurts i get so scared that i start imagining bad thinks happening to me... Anyways thanks a lot for your advise... I was totally unaware that they have breathing exercise videos online... Will definitely check it out

  • You're welcome! They also have phone apps to help. If you search for anxiety they'll pop up. They'll help you with the breathing techniques. When my anxiety first started I REFUSED to be alone, but then the whole time I'd be surrounded by people I would be so stuck in my head that I wouldn't really be there in the room with everyone. I'd be in my head counting my heart beat, and constant running thoughts. "Is my heart exploding? Is this a heart attack? Is it too slow now? Is there something wrong that the doctor didn't find? Was that a palpitation?" It was never ending. The best thing to do is distract yourself with absolutely anything and get out of your own head. It's amazing when you're so distracted that you don't notice the pain anymore, but the second you think about it again it's suddenly back... awful shit.

  • U are so correct... Uve given me so much hope. I now feel like im not alone and now i will try my best to not think about it too much . Im so glad i signed up with healthunlocked. so many generous people here... Thanks a lot AshCash

  • That's why I signed up... I thought being able to talk to others who are experiencing a lot of the same issues would help me feel like I could handle myself better. Glad I could make you feel a little better!

  • Seriously james go with all tests u will find nothing.. you son't have any problem.. it's just a kind of feeling remove it from your mind... when u feel like that close your eyes and take deep breath slowly release feel relaxed... when we lift heavy objects some times those kind of feeling will come. be cool i'm damn sure u will find nothing.. because i have felt same like you long time ago

  • Thanks abhi for sharing your experience... Highly appreciated

  • Buy pepto bismol and pepcid and tums, i have had gerd for awhile, chest pain, burping, light headed, nausea, long sleeping. It needs medication and a change in diet and lifestyle to reduce symptoms.

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