Power pose

This stuff works......after the horrible, despicable incident in Manchester I have experienced feelings of despair and realised I needed to kick start my positivity again. Power poses helped me to re- ignite feelings and thoughts of hope and strength.

Have a read and try it!


I tend to favour Wonder Woman 🤓

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  • Fascinating. Must try it! Agree with all you say re Manchester. I went to Uni @ Belfast during a lot of the Troubles so unfortunately my experience/approach/view of such incidents tend to be deep seated & bring back unpleasant memories @ times.

  • At such times i think it is important to remember that Love is bigger than all the despair and hate. As a race we have already shown vast amounts of love, compassion and kindness whenever these horrific things happen. Lives should not have been lost but the Love will see the hurting through it, compassion will be the support and kindness will demonstrate that we really are good. X

  • There's a song by Spandau Ballet - 'Through the barricades'. Sums it all up for me & in more ways than you'd realise!

  • The incident in Manchester was ghastly. I felt anxiety, despair and anger. I realise I must keep looking for the positive and good and that there is more good in the world than bad. I have started a gratitude journal. And, I actively seek out life-affirming statements and repeat them to myself over and over again. It's so important to not give in to despair and to stay on the side of the angels.....spreading whatever love, compassion and care we can, even in the smallest of ways.

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