Struggling to breath and unable to move in sleep

This isn't a dream for me. Mentally I'm awake I can think, feel my body the sheets on me and all; I can't move or breath. It starts out as abnormal dream then I struggle breath which quickly moves on to my brain being awake and my body isn't. Every part breath is a fight (I can take tiny gulps of air and it's difficult) moving my body a certain degree instantly wakes me up, when I wake in breathing heavily and my heart is racing. Trying to move is a challenge as well, I can move certain parts of my, my neck and legs, a tiny amount and I can't push them to far as I cannot muster the energy to do so. Eventually as my lungs are getting tighter and just snap my neck left or right and I shoot up in my bed.

It's concerning cause it's come back after a long and it seems like if I don't try to fight it I could pass out


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4 Replies

  • I suffer with the same most in be summer, all stress, get well soon

  • Thanks :D

  • Hi VernamCipher,

    Sounds like sleep paralysis I also get it every once in a while though I don't know what triggers it, it can be very terrifying but remember you are not alone! :-)

  • Thanks :)

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