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Insaine in da membrane

Well I had posted how I have sever panic attacks and feel like I am dying every min I am awake. But I forgot to mention a new kick my screwed up brain does, every time I eat solid food I think I am choking .. No shit for real!

This is just another thing my episode of paranoia fear of death my brain makes up. We just finished dinner and I feel like a piece of food is stuck in my throat .. There is not one but if I did not worry about it then I wouldnt be dying and you all know I always think i am dying so ...Well my family thinks i am a nut so it does help to say things and as I read what I txt I see how silly I sound...

Thanks guys for listening ...

Jp da nut

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Hi JPic1228, don't put yourself down like that. It's sad that even families don't get the full impact of what our lives are like. It hurts. I'm so sick of people having put me down. Would they do that do someone who had Cancer? I think not. Your brain isn't screwed up, it's sick. A chemical imbalance. We are not crazy, just look at all the posts on this forum. We all have similar as well as selective symptoms. Yours at this time happens to be fear of solid food. It's pretty hard for your body not to respond to tightened muscles when you know what others think.

We have to learn to get a tough outer shell to protect our fragile emotional state. Don't let what others say to you make you believe you are nuts. Nothing is further from the truth. Are you under a therapist's care or on medication? It could turn things around for you. Finding the root of all this fear can get you to move forward. I wish you well. Stay strong.


Thanks, I know that my family does not inderstand .. They do the best they can to understand ... Thanks for listening to me !!


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