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I have two things here. One which doesn't matter, I suppose, and one which certainly does.

The first one - I am 74 and am so about half way between retirement and probable death. Thats OK nothing lost - death is an old friend at my age.

The other - just being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease which is the brain slowly destroying itself over the years, leading to disability, probably ending in a nursing home. There is no cure.

And that scares the hell out of me!

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Oh how are u now.we all do pray for u .


Good Evening kjt239, Sometimes it's not the obvious that will take us from this earth but the unexpected. The news is filled with people of all ages dying suddenly having nothing to do with a health issue. The more we focus our expectations down the road, the more Parkinson's or any other illness robs us of the years we do have left. (all of us, not just you) The catalyst here for your anxiety and fear is not today but what could be years from now. I have learned to live in the present, because after all that is all we have. Fear is a terrible thing, it can eat away at our mind and our bodies faster than an illness. I hope you are getting the support you need. Positive support. We are here, if you need an ear to listen, a hand to hold.


Hope you are doing ok today!

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