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New symptoms

Everyday its something new. Over the weekend I started to feel really week shakey and my eye movements are off this time symptoms lasts for at least 2-3,hours a day. Hot tea helps a little and my bexoactin multivitamins. My heart have a weak feeling n during the night when ever I open my eyes I get a terrible feeling in my head like everything is scrambling back into position. For eg. (When the boss re enters the room and the workers run back to their stations), and I get a slightly falling sensation when I open my eyes. Idk if I will be,able to work this coming week cause im mostly weak and tired n worried. Any advice would help.

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New symptoms everyday? That the nature of anxiety. Unfortunately, it's all caused by constant focus on the symptoms themselves. There will be new symptoms intertwined with the old and morphed and then plus some that cannot even be described with the language. You get more what you focus on. In short, the key is to convince the mind that you're no longer interested in seeing new renditions of the current situation you are in. So instead of having constant internal focus you have to find a way to look outside of what's happening in your life right now. Find a way to engage with new people and have conversations on different subjects that your situation. Slowly you will start to see a difference.


Thanks for the advice


Hi Skyracknight i get exactly the same feelings as you do. Do you also feel as if you cannot cope anymore with anything and that you are going to lose it. You feel like running away isnt it. My eyes also get that jittery feeling. Let us both learn to deep breathe and relax and take our eyes off ourselves.


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