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54 and want to be free

hi my name is Joy 54 years old suffering with anxiety since I'm in my teens my mom passed seven years ago she suffered from it my sister passed two years ago and she suffered from my niece suffers in her late 30s with anxiety and I just want to look to talk with people who Who have anxiety and do suffer from the same I see the post about not being able to take a shower etc. and it's weird to see that other people go through the same things I have a partner of seven years it doesn't understand this and we are now seeking therapy

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Hi, I hope you are well. I have anxiety too. My fear right now is driving alone, and the constant thoughts. Isn't strange what anxiety can do?

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I think a lot of anxiety comes from deep deep insecurity.


I also have suffered this nightmare since the age of 7 and maybe before that, and now I'm also 54. This condition has ruled my life to the point I have avoided having children in case they inherit the same problems.

Fear is a horrid problem to carry around with you and so exhausting and debilitating and I seriously don't think you can ever remove it from your life, you just learn to live with it. I call myself a control freak as I have to be in control at all times bit really it's fear/anxiety controlling me and my destiny and life style as I avoid so much of what is normal to most folks.

My worst effect of this is health anxiety as with age and wear & tare I am know developing what my fears have had me avoiding for so long, heart problems, and riddled with back problems, and so many arthritis diseases I live with 24/7 pains and wish the hours go by for the next dose of pain killers.

I guess the only bright side all be it selfish, is my mums old saying "there's always someone worse of than you" which is so true, so it could be worse I just hope not.

The one thing I have learnt through the years is persons that don't suffer with this will never understand us that do suffer,so I find therapists/councillors that have previously been in our shoes.

So I wish you luck with your future theropy and that you find what your looking for.


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