Day 2 of uncomfortable butterflies

So I've been having like the sob and butterflies feeling in my chest area instead of my stomach. I had it all day yesterday and today still, even last night. I literally cried last night trying to sleep but anyways, I also have a pain in the middle of my back and I'm wondering if this is why. I see my psychologist tomorrow. The thing is I'm having pretty good days, it's just the physical symptoms that's causing discomfort. Has anyone else had butterflies for days at a time? A little while ago I got really excited and happy, was laughing about something and the butterflies went crazy to the point I thought my heart was going to stop.


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  • I have this too, I'm 99 percent it's anxiety but it's hard to convince that last 1 percent that believes otherwise. I think we have to try our best to not get worked up by the symptoms, as doctors often say, they are uncomfortable but not dangerous. Our systems are on overdrive so even when we're happily excited we feel more adrenaline etc. And we've oversensitized ourselves to bodily sensations. Keep laughing, it'll be ok xxx

  • Thanks, I saw my psychologist today and she asked me straight out why is it so hard to accept what I'm feeling is just anxiety. My response was, I know it's anxiety but I want to know what's the underlying cause of it lol.

  • Hey

    I'm going to send you a message

  • Got it. I just responded. Sorry I'm late.

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