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My anxiety issues need help

Hi my names tab. Back in January of this year i startec having anxiety n panick attacks. They really scare me. I have been to the er and my dr so much tht i know they are tired of seeing me. I get so many wierd crazy symptoms along with it. Ive had ct scans on body head everything comes back normal. My dr sent me to a heart dr n he did stress test many pics of my heart heart sonogram and all that came back normal. But i deal with chest pain everyday. I get face tinlging numbess feeling in lips n face hot feeling in my face. Lots of other aches n pains. My dr has done sonograms on all my organs everything's fine so they put it all off on my anxiety. I dont wanna deal with this anymore im tired i want my happy loving caring life back. I wanna feel normal again n whole. What do i do? I dont wanna feel like im gonna die everyday anymore. Please help...

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Tabbyharris, begin your recovery by looking on your good luck. You've had extensive medical tests and you are in excellent physical health - no cancer, no heart disease, no other organs malfunctioning. That must be very reassuring, there are millions of other people who would love to be able to say the same.

Second, you definitely aren't going to die, in fact you'll probably live to be well over 90. So although you feel bad it's not life threatening.

What's causing all the symptoms you describe, all the bad feelings is anxiety which you most definitely can recover from. What has happened is that you have experienced so much stress and worry that your nervous system has become over sensitised. And when that happens you experience symptoms that mimic physical illness, in your case aches, pains and feelings of numbness. Only you know what the stress and worry are that got you into this state. But if you can free yourself of the cause by making decisive changes in your life, perhaps putting yourself first for a change, then it will greatly help your recovery.

The natural tendency when we experience the symptoms of anxiety is to fight them. But this only puts us into a vicious circle of fear and further stress which continues to maintain our nervous system in an over sensitised state. What you really need to do to achieve desensitisation of your nerves leading to eventual recovery is to STOP FIGHTING and instead learn to ACCEPT the bad feelings for the time being with the minimum of fear. Yes, that's right, accept the bad feelings as a temporary state affecting your nervous system that will pass if you practice acceptance with persistence.

It's not the quick fix you want, I know. Medications can mask the symptoms but as soon as you stop the medications the old symptoms return. But the Acceptance method offers the promise of recovery by allowing your nerves to recover from over sensitisation caused by too much fear and worry. So stop being bewildered now you know how anxiety works and take control of your life and recovery and start practicing acceptance today.

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Im really trying hard. I can go days now without the attacks but everyday theres a new symptom that pops up. Everyday i have chest pain. Somedays im just like ok bring it on anxiety im not gonna fight u n some days i just like i cant take it anymore. I dont like being left home alone anymore. I try to stay busy i try to find things to help calm me n keep my mind off of it. Somethings work sometimes sometimes they dont. I feel like im on a roller coaster tht wont stop.


Tabbyharris, if the symptoms become too much I strongly recommend you talk to your doctor about this and request some medication that will bring you relief. I really do think you should see your doctor and take their advice.


I have been n they have put me on ativan to take only if i cant caml myself


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