Does anyone have this ? And what sounds do you hear ? Mine started off with ringing , "electric sounds" and now , a year and a half later , vibrating sounds , buzzing sounds accompanied with like whispering sounds (no I'm not hearing voices) . Anyone has this problem. I also listen to my music with head phones on everyday . I guess that doesn't help my hearing .


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  • Mines is usually a hissing, swishing sound!

  • It's annoying . and having anxiety it does concern me because I worry if I'm going crazy .

  • I have whizzing, buzzing and fullness. Mostly in the right ear. I do have a badly damaged eardrum but find it worse if I'm anxious or use my ear buds in that ear. I think it gets agitated by the noise being close there.

  • I have a high pitched whining which I've had for years, but since becoming ill and waking feeling like I've got a hangover from hell every morning with stomach cramps, I now have clicking in between my ears when someone speaks to me, its like my ears are connected to each other with a rod which rapidly moves back and forth everytime someone speaks, that's the only way I can describe it.

  • My mother has had tinnitus for years and we found that William Shatner also shared this. She doesn't know what caused it but it is very frustrating. It seems to get louder each year and my full sympathy to those who have to suffer this hissing 'drive you crazy' noise.

  • Yes. I having been hearing sounds for 4 years now. You are not along.

  • Iv got it badly in my left ear,high pitch sound,it is worse when my anxiety is bad..driving me mad...

  • I have it, constant ringing, and it was caused by Fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Cipro, Avelox, Levaquin) along with a lot of other unpleasant side effects. In fact, if you have unexplained 'strange' things, or go to the doctor a lot and have them find nothing and make you feel like a head case, check to see if you've taken this class of drugs, even years ago. And avoid them like the plague either way. Google Fluoroquinolone Toxicity if you think it fits.

  • I so sorry to hear but my eldest child complained terrible about it and it did stay quite a long time .Seek medical attention as it can exists. for a rather long time and you will need assistance for quite a long time .You need a hospital apiontment to check your ear please.

  • I've had it for decades and the only thing on offer was learning how to ignore it.

    That may be changing with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).


  • I have it

  • I've had it as long as I can remember and I'm 69. It gets more exaggerated if I think about it. It's a ringing and it's in both ears. I've learned to live with it and what makes it worse. It's less in the morning than evening. Aspirin and like meds exaggerate it. Good luck to all who have it.

  • I have it too. I think mine is to do with clenching my jaw at night and sometimes in the day when I am concentrating. Sometimes all my teeth hurt too. I have a mouth guard, but it doesn't help much.

  • I had a mouth guard when I started waking feeling really ill, at first my teeth just felt funny in the morning but a couple of times I woke up and almost snapped my teeth in half with my jaw pushing my bottom teeth against my top teeth. Was extremely painful. Had a mouth guard made for a ridiculous price of £220, wore it 3 nights and it made my teeth hurt twice as bad and made my gums bleed. Stopped wearing it and I haven't grinded my teeth since, well I don't think I have anyway.

  • Thanks all replies and much much appreciated as I can pass on all the solid information traits that all have experienced.I believe this is so solid to go on and try to have Inside information ,thanks again !Ria888

  • Thanks for the responses

  • Yes I have it I think it was brought on by my anxiety. I have like a buzzing/vibration in my right ear. I went to the doctors and they referred me to see a specialist who requested an MRI scan. Came back clear but waiting for the results was torture as you can imagine.

    I found it pretty hard to deal with at first but I did learn to ignore it over time. Although there were times I wanted to cut my ear off! I find alcohol makes it worse and loud music in clubs.

    I feel for anyone who has it as I know how hard it is.

  • Thanks for your response . It's worst at night when I'm trying to go to bed , but during the day it's not that bad

  • Yes I know what you mean. It may be because you're distracted throughout the day and it's quiet at night so you notice it more. I do hope one day they can find some sort of treatmentfor it.

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