As the time passes

At 44 i tend to think quite a bit these days. The elderly woman on the bench in the mall sitting alone and almost crippled was once someone’s pride and joy toddler with everyone gathering around to see her smile and take her first steps. Now she can hardly walk, and all those people who gathered around are long gone. In the end, it all falls away. I will fall away in time. I remember toys I had to have as a child. Once I got the toy I adored it, slept with it in my bed, held it tight. It was my world. Where is it today? I've no idea. You see, it’s a strange life we live while here. I watched my father die last made me think.

At some point, I shall die. In fact, I am almost certain of it. When? How? Matters not to me. What is of vast importance is what my two daughters remember of me, and what they think of me. It is of paramount importance.

As time passes, all that will be left of my voice and or image will be housed on songs I recorded, videos and some photographs. I am sure my daughters will carry some mannerisms of mine. As the years go by and the continuous flow of life moves forward through generations, my mannerisms will become less and less visible, as others will be entered into the growing DNA of new birth, and at some point, anyone who would remember me, will be something that no longer exists. Hard to digest when you really think about it….I am merely passing through, and faster than it seemed when I was a child.-shawn


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  • Wow this is exactly what I have been thinking lately. I lost my dad 7 years ago this fall and am 38. This has been on my mind a lot lately and am trying to make a lot of memories for my daughter to have like my dad did for us. life is fleeting.. sad but true.

  • The fact of our mortality is very depressing to me. I often wonder why people bother reproducing when all life comes to an end. I mean, why have kids if they will just grow old & die? If it were up to me we`d all be immortal!

  • I am with you. I've no issues living forever. I like it here.

  • Lifeless100, (Shawn) I wondered where you had gone. Your new name had given me a hint,. Keep using the forum. It helps to let out those deep emotions. Take care.

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