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Should I try to make people understand?

My anxiety is getting better and I'm trying to get back to my usual routine of what i did before. One thing I used to do was jujitsu my friend is and instructor there and I basically get to go for free. I was going for a solid 6 months and then my Anxiety got really bad I'd have anxiety attacks all day i could barely ride the train without having a panic attack. I basically went shut myself in my house for 2 months. I hardly talked with anyone and i didn't go to the gym either I went M.I.A. I'm trying get back into but i keep getting slight digs about me not being around. They aren't meant to be mean and he doesn't really know how bad my anxiety is. Should i just try take these in strides and wait for the heat to die Down or tell everyone about my problems and risk them think lesser of me?

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