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Gambling & Anxiety

I'm starting to wonder if my gambling is causing my anxiety to worsen. I gamble a lot. When I get paid I blow all my money because in my head I'm going to die soon, then when I don't die I have no money so it makes me depressed. I think it could be a viscious cycle. I could be hoping though, I want it to be anything other than an actual illness. Does anyone else struggle with gambling? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I don't struggle with gambling but I do feel the need to spend money because of my fear of dying anytime . My thought is "Ima die I might as well buy what I want and live how I want." I spend my money more on clothes and vacations .

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Wish I spent it on clothes. Much better than gambling haha.


I hope your situation gets better ! Take baby steps .



I would imagine gambling would make you very anxious and it can become an addiction

You need to address this , you have said you do it out of the fear of dying yet you are still here so that is a big wake up call to tell you that your anxiety is behind all this , somehow are anxiety finds are weak spots and plays on it and that is what sounds is happening to you regarding gambling

Not sure if you are in the UK but if you are you can Google the number for Gambling Anonymous , ok you may not feel you come under that category as part of you could be in denial but if you are blowing your money on Gambling despite whatever reason that is a problem and you need help

You could have a chat with them over the phone and then make your mind up if their support would help :-)

If you are not in the UK then look up what supporting organizations you have in your area

I would also see my Doctor even if I had been several times before regarding my anxiety , as if you are not getting the right help they need to know , if you get your anxiety under control then the gambling issue may be easier to deal with

Nip this in the bud before it gets harder to control and good for you admitting there is a problem , that is the first step in overcoming this :-)

Good Luck :-)

Take Care x


Thanks for your reply. I've deleted all accounts and will see how I feel soon. Still not feeling great right now, worried about heart constantly.


A day at a time :-)

Tell yourself just for today you will not Gamble :-)

If your Doctor has said there is nothing wrong with your heart then trust them , if you have not mentioned it to them then do , just for your peace of mind but usually they find nothing wrong but that reassurance can help :-) x


Have you sought help for gambling addiction? You are correct that 1 is likely impacting the other. Seeking counselling for both would probably be beneficial.


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