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Don't know what to do anymore

This has been a horrible months time started out on my birthday march 17th my mom found a lump in her breast a week latter she went for an ultra sound they said it looked like cancer and the same day her truck decides it's going to start breaking. Then a week later she went for her biopsy. Yesterday she found out she had breast cancer. I'm so scared for her it makes me like shake and I'm so close to her I'm 17 I don't want to lose my mom I hope it's treatable. It just feels like everything is going around and I just feel like nothing will ever get better. My anxiety has been up lately sending surges of adrenaline through my blood making my heart race which just makes me more anxious. When she told me she had breast cancer I literally lost my breath and got a surge of adrenaline. I'm so scared and don't know what to do. Anyone got suggestions? I was also sick all last week with a cold so it makes my anxiety worse too. For my anxiety I've tried everything pills don't work so I turn to breathing and listening to music. Idk anymore

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Aww honey not very nice news at all for you or especially for your mum.but believe me there is so much they can do for people with breast cancer nowadays or for any sort of cancer.it isn't nice you are going through this I remember still to this day when my mum got told she had cancer it was devastating but your mum sounds like she has gone to the doctors as soon as she realised there was a lump there.the early they are discovered the better.im sure your mum will be fine hunni

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Thank you

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