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Need psychiatrist from Georgia

My niece (an overseas worker) just got a job in Georgia, USA, two months ago. She is alone and being away from home was too overwhelming for her. She is now suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. She tried to get help but was referred to a psychologist which didn't help her at all. She tried to make an appointment with a psychiatrist but she was told that she has to attend 2 more sessions with a psychologist before being referred to a psychiatrist. This is an emergency case. My niece is desperate and frustrated dealing with panic attacks.

So to those of you who are from Georgia, is this really the system? That you need to have several sessions with a psychologist before you can see a psychiatrist? Please advice. Thank you.

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Can't she get back home ?


It's hard. She has a contract. She will have to pay a penalty fee and the entire 3 years of her earnings which we cannot afford.


That in itself is stressful !!

Hope she gets some help from somewhere. It could all die down if she perseveres, what doesn't kill you and all.


Thank you davewavy1. My concern is when her anxiety will branch out into depression. She felt so trapped and no way out that she thought of suicide. This worries me a lot. We, her family are constantly in communication with her. We are doing our best to find solutions.


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