So after about 4 weeks of being a shut in and not leaving my house i went to a party. Albeit it was my best friends son's first birthday party so not much social pressure but hey we all have to start somewhere right. I had some panic attacks that sprouted up but i was able to accept the fact that they would happen and would pass. I had fun though seeing my friends in person was nice. I don't know if my anxiety disorder will ever go away or if I'll ever feel like i used to but for the first time in a while i felt like i was living again. Sorry if i bored anyone i just felt like i should share.


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  • That's awesome. Keep it up and you will see that you will spend more time outside than indide!

  • That's excellent progress, aburto21. The key phrase is that you were able to accept the fact that you would have a panic attack, if you go on accepting all the symptoms of anxiety with a minimum of fear (even though they give you bad feelings) then eventually your oversensitised nervous system will recover and you will feel normal again.

  • Jeff is right, relax through and think to yourself I will enjoy myself today, embrace the fact that you have made the decision to go out, well done, facing anxiety is very daunting but once you acknowledge it is there, it's half the battle...Anxiety is the fear of the unknown but you are there with your friends and you are familiar with them, small steps to go to other places, take it all in and just breath gently, it is hard to say wether you will always have this but if you do then don't beat yourself up, it is more common these days, it's not a flaw, it's normal..All the best.. xx

  • Thanx for tge support everyone 😀

  • That's awesome! It's good that you shared.

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