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Prozac issues

Hello, I've been on Prozac for little over 6 months now, I've stayed on 20mg.

I feel as if though my anxiety has gotten worse or it fluctuates often, some days I'll be completely fine and other days I wake up like a zombie with no interests or happy at all, I freak out worse than before when put into stressful situations. I've also been noticing I can't hold still even if I try, I'm still having jitters or slight numbness issues.

Before I was prescribed Prozac I was on Zoloft which briefly worked for little over a month and my doctor switched me over to Prozac, I was going through a horrible depression and i can say I have proved since then but it doesn't seem to be helping my anxiety very much.

I have an appointment soon with my doctor where I wish to bring up my symptoms and ask to wean me off Prozac because I feel as if though it's becoming more difficult for me to enjoy life since I passed my depression but stayed on Prozac.

Any help, suggestions, words of wisdom?

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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I just started week 4 of Prozac. I'm only on 10mg. So far its helping but at first I was more anxious than I was before and it freaked me out.

Everyone is different so maybe it is just taking you longer to adjust?? Have you talked to your doctor about it?


I have a little bit but usually the good outweighs the bad so I never figured to stress the seriousness of it, my following appointment soon I intend to explain everything I've been feeling.


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