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Well all the feelings I've been feeling was high blood pressure I am now on blood pressure medication. I went to the doctor I got a lot of blood work done and a U.A so everything came out good except the blood work showed I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and I have fluids leaking in to my urine caused by the high blood pressure. Now I am on a diet I have to eat right and healthy so my cholesterol can go down.. it sux but when the cholesterol goes down so will my high blood pressure.. so I really advice people to go get checked because if they haven't been to the doctor and just assuming it's anxiety can be bad..

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Hey I've had all of the symptoms, no diagnosis tho, a chap on here davewavy1 helped me realise that it could be a simple magnesium deficiency, I had been put on bp meds for 2 weeks then took off after saying I did t need them, had anxiety and stomach probs and aches n pains and pins and needles in fingers and toes, also tight chest hard to breath and fatigue, ALL SYMTOMS OF MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCIES, check it out :)

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Yeah, i would say magnesium will help you tons like Nathsam says.

One it controls blood pressure AND it also maintains cholesterol levels in the blood, it ain't all bad.

Get some, you are the prime candidate for it, it can only help you.


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