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Made a complete prat of myself af

hi I went to another interview and i looked stupid,felt stupid,waffled on likan udiot and I ticked the disability box on the application form because I have dyspraxia and at first he said to me I'm not disabled ovbsiivily ,even more humiliating my mum works there so ive just messes up a job somewhere my mum workd I feel so stupid

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You have to treat this as a learning episode and move on to the next interview. I doubt anyone there has given it much thought, but you MUST put it behind you.

We are marked out not by our mistakes, but how we respond to them and self punishment and anguish is really bad for your health and wellbeing

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thankyou just I ticked the box because the application asked if I have a disability and dysrwxka I a disabilty ,dont think I'm well enough to go for interviews at the moment :-(


That's entirely your choice. If you're not well enough for interviews then presumably not well enough to work


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