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Hangover anxiety

Can someone please sum up how terrible their anxiety is when they are hungover? I'm tired, hungry dehydrated and I've spent the whole day concentrating on my heart telling myself there are pains then, when are there pains there I don't know. Only a month ago I got a clean bill of health in regards to ny heart but i just can't help but worry:( it's so scary and horrible. How do other people deal with it? Everytime I drift off to sleep I wake up instantly thinking I'm dying :( when will it end

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I'm so scared to drink alcohol now because I don't want to be more panicky then what I already am. Try to drink plenty of fluids, you have to stay hydrated and eat in small portions. You'll be okay.


I find hangovers awful! The anxiety is 100 times worse than any other day. But I never seem to learn. My idea to help would be drink a mug of camomile tea and have a bath with some meditation thrown in. Always helps me out.

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This happens me every time . Best thing is to get food and a cup of tea and stay wrapped up in bed . Watch your favourite tv or something .


Thanks for your replies. I know that I would of had a heart attack by now but I'm so focused on my chest and my whole body. How do you get past this? I can't seem to do it! Any rumble twitch or anything I think is gonna finish me off! :/


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