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Stomach and back

All day long strange things are happening inside my stomach. Feels like mini explosions I know anxiety can have serious affects on the stomach but I can't help but feel something is seriously wrong. My appendix, kidney or liver I don't know too much about the body but something must be up. Cramps all day long and stiff it's hopefully nothing but how can I be sure. Also I have pain under my left armpit and I'm also convinced that can be heart problems. I've so much wrong with me I just don't know what to tell the doctor if I go so I just end up not going :( I want my life back

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Oh I know exactly what you mean. When I'm sitting still and feeling stressed, I can feel every little spasm and vibration coming from my stomach and chest area. I don't like going to thr doctor for tests but if you really want to be sure anc for your peace of mind , hi and get checked out . Keep holding on through the storm and you will make it.


Thanks for replying. I've had every heart test done and cardiologist said I'm fine for another 60 years. But when I eat and walk I really pay close attention to the heart when I suppose I. We'd to stop doing that. Also had ct scan and X-ray on stomach area and everything was fine but I can't help but worry something is up now. I get kidney stones so every times I get pain in lower back I jump to that conclusion.


Oh I'm so sorry you are feeling all those things. I'll be praying for you to get stronger and get through all this . I'm trying hard not to concentrate on my heart beat. I have bad days. What's really scary is the spasm or vibrating in between beats . I think that's what they are . Wow, it's reassuring that cardiologist said you are good to go for 60 years. I haven't seen a cardiologist yet only gotten a two week heart monitor and echocardiogram that were interpreted by a cardiologist and given to my general physician . They said "benign" occasional extra beats and "minor" leaky aortic valve that is not causing problems. That was five months ago and I did not feel the spasm or what ever it is as much as I do now. My next echocardiogram is in 3 years said the doctor because they want to be sure the leaky heart valve does not get worse. I feel some strange vibrating or spasm in chest area when I'm sitting or quiet still or anxious stressed. Dont really notice it when I'm moving around . Just weird symptoms now that I'm in menopause I guess . Ok, take care. I'm glad you and others are sharing your symptoms and the types of tests you had and what the doctors have said. Take care.


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