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My tummy growls and I am due on my period always been irregular but suppose to have came on the 2nd of August and I still haven't came on, my tummy cramps after I eat something and makes noises all the time does anyone know what this could be

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I am stressing because I don't know what's wrong and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with me. No medications nothing and no diet is the same

I can't be pregnant, I used protection every time, I stress about the way I feel and panic because I don't know why I feel detached, every symptom I have I google it

Anxiety can really mess up your digestive system.... before I had it I didn’t have any stomach problems but I do now from anxiety and the best thing you can do for it is not worry about and eat well....I know it’s really hard not to but it will just make it worse, also I’ve read that it takes longer then you think for your stomach to get back to normal from anxiety

I’ve missed my period before from anxiety so you’ll be fine if you miss one month it’s just showing you that you’re pretty stressed out and need to let your body heal a bit

My stomach also makings gurgling sounds all the time from anxiety

I don't think anxiety can make your tummy this bad, I don't realise I am stressing but I know I am, I just want to

Be ok so that I know everything is fine

Trust me it can!! I’ve lost weight, gained weight, lost it, and gained it back again....had stomach cramping, bloating, stomach muscles feeling tight...

I’ve been eating really well so I know there’s nothing wrong with my diet

sometimes the bottom of my tummy burns and my stomach always growls and rumbles and is always making funny noises, I eat a lot of fatty foods but I'm very skinny

I have experienced the same thing as you, the growling stopped for me after I took some laxative medicine, but I was really worried about it for a few weeks. And I get the burning too, I think it just feels strange because of where it is but when I really think about it I notice how tense I am and that my muscles must be. Again I find it so hard to convince myself, yet when I read this I was like that's it! It's all in our heads, I'll convince myself in an hour it's not but I'm just going to have to brush it off x

it's not in my head because I can hear it, as soon as I get a symptom I research it and I think of the worst thing possible x

I can imagine you do find the worst possible scenario online. One night last week I was up most of the night, panicking, my stomach was like a lion and it did not stop, it was so loud! Over a few days it got quieter and stopped finally, my doctor had told me to take caffeine out of my diet and after that my tummy stopped, she thinks it was gas/ acid related, which for me made sense. I have a good weekday diet but at the weekend I like to drink and don't eat too well. I can't tell you what you're thinking/ feeling, as I know how I felt when people tried to tell me I'm making myself worse worrying about it and there's nothing wrong with me. Maybe see a Doctor and explain how you feel for reassurance, don't be afraid x

I'm just scared they tell me I'm pregnant or something I know I'm not because I was safe and made sure nothing split, it might just be ovulation I'm not sure what it is I'm going to give it 2 days and see if it gets any better x

I've been there too and my periods have ended up 2 weeks late after I've been stressing about it. Thing is if you're pregnant, what can you do? If you find out your not, it's one less thing to worry about, hopefully! Or like myself you'll just start worrying about the next possible thing it could be. I don't mean to sound harsh and apologise if I do, I'm almost speaking to myself through you if you like, as you do sound a lot like the voice in my head :) you'll be okay x

do you think I'd know if I'm pregnant, would I of been sick by now? It's so nice to have some reassurance and I can speak to somebody about it, I do worry a lot and overthink everything thankyou for giving me advice x

I know I'm not, it never split or anything and I made sure every time

yes but my periods are usually irregular anyways, should i wait a few more days and see if I start?

I'm not taking any drugs or medication?

ok thanks for your help

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