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is this anxiety or wat

hi there my name is hassaan im from south Africa iv never realy had any serious health issues until i was supposedly suffering from GERD..went for all the tests endoscope and came back normal. From den on iv just been experiencing a lot of stuff chest pains severe headaches back pain pain that moves to my arm and guess wat googled symptoms of heartache and bang!! all da symptoms i experienced was there wow no i was super panicked went for ecgs stress tests and every test u can tink of and all are normal..but i still have tall this pains please help me guys

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Must be stressed had the same symptoms went for a ecg everything normal occupy yourself talk to people play games read a back lay off on sugar and caffeine tends to trigger it in my part ... I usually got on YouTube and see other people's story's to coop with them ...


thanks but ay its to hectic pains are getting worse by the day


So mabye you can let ur doc know that your feeling uncomfortable. Anxiety bothered me for years until I found out thats what it was. Hopefully ur absolutely fine and hust need to be reassured. Like many have told me, ya gotta stop with Dr. Google. Feel better soon :-)

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