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Possible Postural Orthostatic hypertachycardia syndrome


I think I may have mild POTS. Hopefully people will know what this is.

When I stand up I get really lightheaded for a few seconds and I have to lower my head as I feel a bit feint. Also one of the symptoms of this is bluish discolouration of feet. This is almost exactly what I have, when I stand for a period of time, my feet go red and bluish and they get itchy. For example if I wake up and go to the toilet, my feet will go red and itchy. Then it will go when I lie down. Also when I exercise my head gets itchy. I know that heat can cause symptoms, and this is the case for me as when I get a bit overheated, I feel disorientated and strange. I'm also suffering with chronic constipation. Probably due to bacteria overgrowth and my diet hopefully this will go

I know this can affect people during puberty so could this be the case? Does this sound like POTS. What should I do?

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