Worried about a heart attack

Hi there.

I'm 16 years old and I've been worrying about my health lot lately. I think I do have a gut problem to do with my my diet but im trying to work on that and eat healthily so I can feel better.

Sometimes I find breathing a bit hard when I'm lying down and I get a bit lightheaded when I stand up. Also when I exercise I can feel my heart as if its lower than my ribcage and out of my stomach.

I'm just worried about this because I've recently read about teenagers who have died because of enlarged heart 😔

Don't know if it should just anxiety or what but i Ann a bit scared 😳

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  • Dylan2000, I can only imagine you read about teenagers dying because of an enlarged heart from GOOGLE....

    I feel that thinking your heart is enlarged is making you sense the feeling that your heart is low in your ribcage and out of your stomach. At 16, your heart hasn't had a chance to get enlarged or have clogged arteries.

    At your age, the feelings you are experiencing have more to do with health anxiety than a physical problem. Dylan, once you put a negative thought in your mind, it feeds on the fear and the adrenaline starts pouring out making you feel all these weird sensations.

    Eating healthier is good for anybody at any age, but it is not causing you to feel this way. You need to believe and accept that this is anxiety before this will all go away. Your chances of having a heart attack are nil at this time of life. Enjoy being a teen....

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