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Worried about death and much health


Hi there. I'm been to this website and I feel quite alone at the moment.

I'm worried about my health and I don't know what's wrong with my body. I'm 16 years old and I'm a boy, and when I was about 6 I had very bad stomach pains, these went after a while, but throughout my childhood I've noticed that I'd always have stomach pains, and I used to get disorientated a lot especially in the heat. In the last few months of 2016 the stomach pains returned and i have been badly constipated for the last 6 months. Also I've developed a lot of swollen glands in my neck area. Been to the doctor, and had tests for celiac disease, a CBC, and other tests that were all fine. I really don't know what to do, because everybody gets came back fine but I still feel the same. I'm pretty depressed. I feel a sick if I'm not ever going to get better and that there's no hope. I feel weak sometimes and my hands go tingly and other things aswell.

I've been researching stuff. And I came across candida overgrowth, I don't know what to think of it though as it usually only happens with long term antibiotic use so I'm not sure as there's a lot of posts saying it doesn't even exist. I may try gluten free but again I have read up that people have mixed views on things like this, people say it exists others don't. I really don't know what to do because for everything I try to attribute my symptoms to, I do some research and it's like going round in circles. I just feel lost......

please help❤

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Hi Dylan2000, Sometimes when children suffer stomach aches at an early age as well as into young adulthood, it's a sign of depression. Also instead of a headache, children tend to feel the effects in their stomach. Researching things on your own is not a good idea, it keeps you in the circle of fear and loss.

Seeing a doctor or therapist may help bring out the problem that first started the stomach aches. Sometimes being constipated for so long is a sign that you are holding in something emotionally that needs to be addressed.

Please go back to your doctor to address the swollen glands in your neck, that isn't an emotional issue. Seek help Dylan instead of doing trial and error on your own. Good Luck

Dylan2000 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora1 my doctor didn't seem worried about the glands. He said that they can come up in kids without any reason and he said he didn't think I needed a biopsy as all my tests were fine

Agora1 in reply to Dylan2000

Dylan2000, Swollen glands do come and go as your doctor said. I hope this makes you reassured. Take care and feel better.

Dylan2000 in reply to Agora1

Okay I will try to feeel a bit better. It's just that I'm really constipated and I think it's to do with too much bad bacteria as I don't eat very healthily. I will try and eat a lot better and see if it changes it

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