Takotsubo mimics heart attack

Takotsubo. Look up this word. Went to the ER because of excessively high blood pressure which is not commin for me. Test results were good except blood showed a release of blood enzymes that mean something happened with the heart. An angiogram show no significant blockages. A piece of plaque had broken off but my body flushed it out before it clotted. Probably helped that I immediately took an aspirin when BP was high. If you read about Takotsubo it totally mimics a heart attack. However, any damage caused usually returns to normal within 7 days. Mine did return to normal with no damages.

The point of this is to say Takotsubo is caused by stress. I'm a worrier and anxiety ridden person and my heart was telling me something. Got to slow down and find activities that relieve stress. I now take a blood thinner, beta blocker and aspirin daily. As well as lipitor. I walk daily but of course the thoughts creep in that it could happen again.


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2 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. That's good to know. Heart disease runs in my family, so does anxiety. Leading cause of death in my family (that I know of) = heart attack.

  • Gailwinds, thanks for sharing this info. Caused by undo stress also know as

    broken heart cardiomyopathy. We live and learn on this forum.

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