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Heart palpitations

Hi , I have had health anxiety for 5 years , it started with a relationship break up and the fear that if anything happened to me my poor kids would end up with their dead beat dad !! , anyway it's always been cancer I have worried about , in fact I had self diagnosed every cancer possible - until a few months ago when I had my first palpitation out of the blue and felt my heart actually miss a beat , now I'm terrified my hearts not good ! , I can go a few weeks without any and then like today when I'm home alone trying to chill I felt suddenly anxious and then had palpitations and felt skipped beats for an hour, and fell waves of warmth in my chest ? they settled and my heart beat is now stable and regular, I've booked doctors for next week but any one else experienced this ?i am sure it's anxiety and google has helped ( for a change) by saying it's really common , but it scares me , anyone else ?

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Yes, as soon as I get anxious or stressed the palpitations start,I was also told they are common, but doesn't hurt to have it checked out


Ah that's not good , mine are only occasionally but normally when I am chilling which is weird , guess I am too busy ready if the time to let it get to me , last night I had a whole new experience, panic while trying to fall asleep and kind of weird "waves" of dread/ adrenaline, went on for hours and then I fell asleep but was woken by a wave of adrenaline, odd never had that before but guess it was my heightened anxiety state ?? Feel ok today though , hate anxiety it does so many weird things !! Hope you feel better soon


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